Vlierodam B.V., founded in 1959, offers you knowledge and experience based on more than 50 years of development as a manufacturer of hoisting-, lifting- and towing gear. As from our earliest days we have been a devoted supplier to the Offshore-, Shipping- and Construction industry

Due to in-house production and testing facilities, experienced personnel, sufficient stockholding, two reeling machines and own transport facilities we are able to serve you where ever and when ever required.

Besides our high quality production of custom made equipment we can also provide you with our (visual) inspection, testing, (re-)certification, consulting and rigging services based on most current standards.

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Company history

Vlierodam runs through the family. Mr. Bas Vliegenthart started in Rotterdam more than 50 years ago and up to today two generations followed in his footsteps. But besides the family also the employees from now and then are a huge part of our history and future.

Since 1959 many things has changed. We have grown in what we do and so has our capacity and services. But one thing has never been subjected to these changes, our mentality; we guarantee you the most dedicated service, highest quality and the most suitable handling of your orders.

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Nowadays it is required to provide all towing-, hoisting-, and lifting equipment with certificate. Certification can be done on several levels.

Manufacturer EKH certificate; we provide lifting-, hoisting- and towing equipment including a manufacturer certificate. This document will be based not only on the materials but as well as on the application of these items. Therefore we guarantee you all items are not only certified according the current European Standards but also suitable for your applications.

3rd Party Certificate

Third Party certificate; if required your equipment can also be provided with a Third Party certificate. This means that a external (independent) organization will witness products, if applicable proofload or destruction test on sample and production of these materials. In general, the customer decides which organization is required. After approval a certificate will be made by the concerning surveyor. Understated you will find some examples of Third Parties we are used to work with:

Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Bureau Veritas