Vlierodam has been active as a supplier to the construction, shipping and offshore sector ever since 1959.

We can offer you a complete service related to existing and required hoisting,lifting and towing equipment. Production, delivery, visual inspection, testing, repairing and certification form part of our daily activities.

Steel wire rope

We supply wire rope as a custom made product. Depending on the application and other critical factors a suitable type will be offered. Wires in general are being used as:
- Hoisting wires
- Towing wires
- Guy wires
- Winch (ea anchor and pulling) wires
- Grommets (endless)
- 1, 2, 3 and 4 legged slings
- DNV 2.7-1 Container Lifting Slings

A wire rope may be distinguished for example by its diameter, structure, tensile strength, workload, handling and possible end-connection. All these factors determine the suitablility of the wire.

Chain & Components

In general chain is being used for:
- Hoisting & Lifting
- Towing
- Lashing

For each purpose a custom made chain can be supplied. Length, quality (grade), diameter and top-/end-fittings are variable. Nowadays we supply the following types on a daily scale:
- Anchor chain grade U2
- Anchor chain grade U3
- Alloy steel chain grade 80
- Alloy steel chain grade 100

In order to offer you a suitable solution we would be pleased to receive your requirements.

Polyester round & webbing slings

Polyester sling can be provided in a custom made length and capacity. Production starts at a capacity of 1.000 kg. The colour (up to 10 ton) is directly connected to the capacity (according to EN1492). Polyester slings are easy in use due to weigth, flexibility and can be provided with several components like links and hooks. Also a polyester sling will not damage the lifted object. Please be aware that a polyester sling can be damaged e.a. when used over an (sharp) edge or sliding over an object.


Shackles are often used as a connection between two seperate items. They come in a wide range of capacity (from 0,33 up to 1500 tons) and in various types. In general we distinguish the following shackles:
- Anchor shackle
- Chain shackle
- Wide Body (Sling) shackle
- Polar shackle
- Mooring link
- Towing shackle

In order to determine the suitability of the shackle you should take in account the dimensions as the pin diameter, width, bearing surface and inside length.

Other materials

In addition we supply the following hoisting-, lifting- & towing equipment:

- Fibre rope (ea. towingstretchers, mooring ropes, H.M.P.E & polypropylene)
- Cable & Aramid stocking
- Ratchet hoist
- Chain hoist
- Ratchet Release Shackle
- Mechanical Jack
- Liftingbeam
- Connection plate
- Lifting block
- Snatch block
- And others

Please advise us your requirements in order to offer you a suitable solution.