Production is one thing, making it effective is our dedication.

As a devoted supplier of hoisting-, lifting- and towing equipment it is not all about production. Service before, during and afterwards your projects is one of our key priorities. A good advice, required documentation, knowledge of Standards, efficient in-house and on-site service facilities and qualified personnel can make a difference at any stage of your work. This is why we keep investing in ourselves on many levels in order to meet your demands whenever required!

Testing and Certification

Nowadays almost all new supplied materials are need to be provided including certificate. We guarantee you a punctual certification and documentation according to the most current European Standard. But also for re-certification we would be pleased to assist you. Our knowledge based on more than 50 years of experience, in-house testing facilities (30 & 200 Ton) and suitable documention will ensure you a suitable handling of this requirement.

Spooling device

Vlierodam can assist you during placing or replacing your anchor-, towing-, hoisting- and other winch wires. This service is based on four Mobile reeling devices:
- capacity   3 T
- capacity 12 T
- capacity 40 T
- capacity 65 T

To be operated by our qualified personnel. These machines are mobile and therefore to be usefull at any location.

On-site Service

We offer you a full on-site service. Our technical staff can serve you world-wide for inspection and rigging activities. It will be our pleasure to discuss your requirements and the possibilities for work to be performed on-site. Besides this we have a global network in order to meet these requirements on a short term.

Consult & Project support

Due to gained experience over more than 50 years and knowledge of current Standards we can support you in any stage of your projects regarding lifting and towing. Because of this you can be assured that materials are not only suitable but also feasible within your timetable.


We realize that there are situations where our assistance might not be required or possible. We therefore offer you several courses in order to guarantee your customers a proper handling of actions.
- Pouring of sockets*
- Splicing steel wire ropes*
- Safe use and inspection of materials
- Overview, useful information and suitability of materials
* If required witnessed by a Third Party Surveyor.

Please ask for further information.